HIATUS TERMINATUS okay yeah I’m back I’m still weird tho

HI GUYS!!!! After a…I don’t know, maybe 2 month hiatus, I’m back to blogging! First off you’re probably wondering why I left, and I honestly don’t know. It sort of just slipped my mind until one day I was like “wait…your blog!” So anyway, I can’t make any promises  that I won’t forget again, but I will try my best to be here.

You’re probably also wondering what’s new. Well I have some big news…I’m (possibly) going to boarding school! I got accepted to a school not too far from my house, but they only had boarding spots. I’m really excited, but my mom is sort of wary. To spend the rest of high school away from home is more daunting for her than it is for me.

Mostly, I want to hear about you guys! Yeah, all of you! What’s happened in the past few months? Any major life changes, happy news, sad news, anything? Id love to hear, I’m a sucker for gossip. I’ll be going through many of the blogs I follow to see what’s been happening, but I’d love to hear from you anyway so I’ll be sure not to miss anything!

Love you guys, I’ll post more often (: